Stan Winston School of Character Arts

The Stan Winston School of Character Arts was an early adopter in the online learning world. They have paved the way for many other filmmaking courses and showed that there is a massive interest in even niche areas of filmmaking like practical FX.

Because the area of practical FX has been somewhat shrouded in mystery, with only a few books published on the subject and little to no hands-on training available outside of interning at an FX house, The Stan Winston School has a bit of a monopoly on the subject matter.

With a name like Stan Winston behind it, how could they not?

An Amazing Resource for FX Knowledge
Lots of Pre-Existing Content
Wide Array of Topics
Very Detailed Courses
Interactive Elements during Live Courses
Don't Love the Pricing
Organization of Courses is Messy Because of "Parts"
Worth It
Join the Stan Winston School
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